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Top 7 creepy NoSleep stories to keep you up at night

Reddit is a hub of information. You can find a job, learn a new recipe, and look at more memes than you ever thought you could stomach. There’s also a ton of creepy stuff there – just be careful what you search for.

One of the spookiest subreddits we’ve come across is the NoSleep page, one that contains realistic horror stories. One the rules is that “stories must be true, even if they’re not,” meaning that users must treat all stories as if they are true while reading and commenting, and no debunking is allowed. There are also trigger warnings next to the titles of each post, in case something is super NSFW. With all that said, turn out the lights, grab a snack, and dive into what we think are some of the creepiest tales that NoSleep has to offer.

1. Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone

Creepy clown mask

After binging on NPR stories and needing to alleviate some boredom, the writer of this tale decides that he’s going to spend some time interviewing friends and family, asking them to recount some of the most interesting bits of their lives. When his best friends, the married couple Will and Caroline, stop by, their story involves a local legend from their small town about Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone, a play area with games and rides for children. According to the story, a child disappeared after going down a slide, and the tale was used to caution children against being naughty. The more questions that Will and Caroline are asked, the more memories resurface, and they start to think that maybe the Fun Zone wasn’t just all rumors.

 2. I’m a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service

This is a story in many parts, each one more terrifying than the last. A Search and Rescue Officer who has been in the business for a while recounts some of the strange, unexplained, and downright horrifying things that he experienced while working. Missing people, being stalked in the darkness, and babies crying in the middle of the forest are just the tip of the iceberg. The officer was rarely alone, but that didn’t stop crazy things from happening. Beware, some of these get a little gory.

3. Bought a camping backpack from an estate sale

Just as the title says, the writer of this story finds a backpack at a sale and inside they discover a bundle of handwritten pages. In these pages is the story of three friends who are trying to survive in the wilderness and avoid creatures called the Whistlers. Don’t make a sound, for fear of hearing the Whistler’s song begin.

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4. My romantic cabin getaway with my fiancee

Creepy cabin in the woods

This is a long one,  but worth every minute. Told in multiple chapters, the author and his wife Faye go to stay in her family’s cabin in Colorado. After a few days of hiking, sightseeing, and board games, an expected blizzard hits the area and unsettling things begin to start happening. Little noises outside turn into an all-out supernatural war against the couple, exposing some deeply buried secrets along the way. This story is one of NoSleep’s most popular, and there are videos and pictures that truly make it nightmare fuel.

5. There’s something inhuman south of Seattle

Speaking of stories that include video, we’ve got another one for you. The author, overworked and exhausted, takes a solo road trip across the U.S. and stops at a free campground for the night before hitting the road again. She’s awakened in the middle of the night by a sound outside her tent, and spends the next few hours until daybreak playing a cruel game of hide-and-seek against the thing lurking in the dark. The author has a sense of humor about the whole thing, but it doesn’t make the experience any less creepy.

6. Locked in a resort room in the Dominican Republic

The author of this story and his wife head off on vacation in the Dominican Republic. After an unpleasant exchange while checking into the resort, they’re upgraded to a VIP room in another building than the one that they booked. As they’re led to their room, the busboys and everyone else they encounter give them the feeling that maybe they should have just kept their original arrangement.

7. I posted a photo of my Great-Grandfather online

While looking through old family photos, the author finds a photo of their late great-grandfather, who their mother said was a wonderful person who was universally loved. After posting the picture in another subreddit, the photo gained popularity very quickly. While most of the comments were compliments about how good looking the author’s great-grandfather was, one comment stood out. Apparently, this user says that someone who looks exactly like him frequented the coffee shopped that the user works at. After some investigation, an incredible story about the family lineage is unearthed.

Have you ever read any of these stories? What are your favorite NoSleep tales? Let us know!

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