SimCity launch plagued with issues

SimCity launch plagued with issues

EA origin iconThe much anticipated SimCity is out today in North America but things haven’t gone very smoothly. Users first reported trouble downloading the game and accessing the game’s servers. Electronic Arts has responded and acknowledged the issue, stating that they’re working on a fix.

SimCity fans have taken to Twitter to voice their discontent about all the issues they’ve been facing. One of the biggest gripes that fans have had with the SimCity launch, was the inability to pre-load the game prior to the release date because developers wanted to work until the last minute polishing the game. Valve’s Steam, Origin’s biggest rival, has had this ability for years. Users can “pre-load” a game so that it’s ready to play when the embargo has been lifted.

Fans are frustrated with EA as a connection to its servers is required to play the game, leaving many SimCity fans out in the cold. One user even reported waiting a full 8 hours with no success connecting to EA’s servers. If you’re one of the users affected, let EA know via Twitter or the support forums but in the mean time, check out our preview of SimCity.

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