SimCity to feature filters for color blind players

SimCity to feature filters for color blind players

The upcoming SimCity aims to be as inclusive as possible. Speaking to Destructoid, creative director Ocean Quigley has explained how they have added special filters to make the game more playable if you are color blind.

There will be three filters, each changing the color palette of the game to suit different types of color blindness. In a game as detailed as SimCity, being able to quickly and easily understand what’s going on is vital, and as Quigley says you could potentially exclude five or six percent of the population from enjoying the game if you don’t address color.

There are also lots of Instagram-style filters, so you can personalize how the game looks, as well as lens flare and tilt-shift. You can read more about them on th SimCity development blog.

SimCity is released on March 5th 2013. We tested the beta, and you can read our hands-on preview here.

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