Snapchat rolls out interactive ads that we’ll want to watch

It looks as though social media companies are finally getting a grip on how to properly use ads. Instead of just playing 15- to 30-second clips that we’re forced to watch, Snapchat is one of the first in a wave of apps that could possibly make our ad experience a little less painful, and dare we say, enjoyable.

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Before the introduction of Snapchat’s Ads Manager last year, if you wanted to post an ad you would have to go through one of Snapchat’s partners to do it. Now, advertisers are able to use the Ads Manager to create their entire ad in the app with features like its cool video editing software, choosing the audience that they would like to target, and seeing the results all in one place.

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Recently, Snapchat added a few more updates to what you’re able to do with Ads Manager:

  • Shoppable Snap Ads: users can simply tap on the product being advertised to see more information. You’ll be taken to the advertiser’s website to buy, but remain in the Snapchat app.
  • Product catalogs: retailers can upload their entire product line at one time, and the ads manager will create an ad automatically.
  • Snap Pixel: companies can specifically see products or information that a customer has viewed or searched on their site to make for easier merchandise targeting. This information is made into lists that can be used for later reference, like which areas of a website are most popular, and which areas people don’t like as much.
  •  Snap Partners: a whopping 40+ new marketing agencies have partnered with Snapchat to work with advertisers to better help them create great ads that users will actually want to see.
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With all these new Snapchat improvements, advertisers are already starting to see an increase not only with their revenue, but with the quality of communication with their customers as well.

We like that instead of looking at an ad about an unrelated app for home design, we can see an ad those new shoes that we wanted, and buy them from the app while we wait to get back to serving our impatient cooking game customers. Early holiday shopping, anyone?

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