Softonic’s Tip: Convert PPLive into English

Softonic’s Tip: Convert PPLive into English

The days of paying for TV subscriptions could be on the way out if emerging streaming media technology evolves sufficiently. PPLive is the most popular program to use peer-to-peer technology to allow you to watch movies, sports and TV shows from around the world.

However, unless you speak Chinese it’s likely to be the most irritating program you’ve ever used, as the interface and program lists are all written in the Eastern language. To save taking a crash course in Cantonese here is the workaround:

By loading up the PPLive TV Engine and right-clicking on the fourth option from the bottom (the one that looks like a squiggle) you’re presented with the chance to change the interface into English. Opening the Channel List menu in the program gives you even more Chinese to try and decipher but you can download a full translation of all the channels from here.

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