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Software for New Year’s Resolutions

Elena Santos


New Year's ResolutionsThese days are full of traditions. When the year is about to end it’s time to look back and review everything that’s happened to us during the last twelve months. Then again, when the next year begins it’s time to propose plans, accept new challenges and make all those New Year’s Resolutions that we usually end up neglecting by the end of February and completely forgetting about in April.

However, this year is going to be different. We’ve gathered a few software apps that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions – or at least the most typical ones – all along 2008. So take a look at the following list and get ready to be a better person this year.

  1. Quit smoking. This is probably Number One in many people’s resolutions list. There’s a bunch of tools that can help you quit this unhealthy hobby, like Quit Counter and AntiSmoke, plus this specially designed screensaver to set your PC as a smoke-free area.
  2. Start a diet. Another hit in New Year’s resolutions, dieting is probably the hardest to keep. So don’t be ashamed of grabbing hold of apps such as EGDiet, Kelpiesoft Food File or Weight Tracker to increase your chances of success. You can also use Nutrition Facts to obtain more information about food.
  3. Learn a new language. In today’s global village speaking a second or even a third language is becoming increasingly more important. Start off by downloading WordBanker to improve your vocabulary, Lingoes to translate text in 60 languages or even Kana no quiz to start practicing Japanese.
  4. Be more productive. As Cyril pointed out in his post, boosting productivity is also a common resolution when starting a new year. You have plenty of software apps to help you work better: handle important dates with Rainlendar, track the time you spend on each application with Hronos and manage pending tasks with Tudumo, and you’ll be more productive than ever.

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