Soon you can note this article on Google and tell if it is a clickbait

Soon you can note this article on Google and tell if it is a clickbait
Eray Eliaçık

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Google is introducing two groundbreaking features that promise to elevate our search experience to unprecedented levels of personalization and engagement. The first, “Notes,” empowers users to add their own annotations to search results, injecting a creative and individualized touch to the information they encounter. Hey, guess what’s what is that mean? If you’re not vibing with an article or like one, you’ll be able to shoot a little note over to Google.

But that’s not all – Google is taking personalization a step further with the introduction of the “Follow” feature. Imagine being able to curate your search results based on your interests and preferences. With the Follow button, users can subscribe to specific topics, receiving tailored content updates directly in their search results and Google Discover.

Let’s take a closer look at these significant changes in the search engine that typically don’t change with that pace.

Google Notes can be a very helpful feature if we use it right

The Notes feature is part of a new opt-in experiment by Google, allowing users to actively choose to participate in this innovative search experience.

With Notes, users can add personal annotations to links they encounter in their Google searches. This feature extends beyond traditional text annotations, enabling users to include colorful fonts and images in their notes.

Discover integration

The Notes feature is not limited to search results alone. Users can also add and view notes under articles on Discover in the Google app, expanding the scope of this interactive annotation experience.

Buttons for adding and viewing notes will appear seamlessly under search results and Discover articles, providing a user-friendly interface for easy engagement with the Notes feature.

When multiple notes exist for a particular link, the display order is dynamically ranked based on factors such as the user’s query and the note’s relevance to the content on the page. This ensures that the most pertinent and engaging notes are prioritized.

Content moderation

To prevent misuse and the spread of harmful information, Google has implemented a combination of algorithmic protections and manual human review. Users also have the ability to report notes for human review, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the Notes feature.

Global accessibility

While initially launching in the United States and India, Notes will be indexable on the open web. This means that users can share notes via direct links, extending the global accessibility of annotated content beyond search results.

Google is considering ways to provide insights to publishers about the notes placed on their content. This potential feature aims to foster a deeper connection between content creators and their audience through user-generated annotations.

Acknowledging potential challenges in content moderation during the experimental phase, Google remains committed to refining the Notes feature and learning from experiences in content moderation from platforms like Maps and YouTube.

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Notes feature is just another example of Google’s effort for user experience, now you can follow topics too

Notes is introduced alongside other search enhancements, including the ability to follow queries and receive batched results.

Google’s new “Follow” feature enhances the search experience by allowing users to subscribe to specific topics directly from search results. Users can click the “Follow” button to receive curated content updates, with notifications available on the Google App for new content.

The feature is flexible, allowing users to easily unsubscribe or follow/unfollow topics. Google responsibly restricts explicit or offensive topics. The Follow feature integrates with the “News for you” section, showcasing fresh content related to subscribed topics.

The feature is set to launch in US English on the Google App and mobile browsers in the coming weeks.

Eray Eliaçık

Eray Eliaçık

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