Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play

Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably the most hyped massively multiplayer online role playing game of the past couple of years. It has struggled since its release, so now there is a free to play option.

Subscribed members still get a host of advantages like faster leveling and quick travel. However, the free to play model offers all eight character classes playable up to level 50. You’ll be able to play the complete storyline for each class, even if completing each will take longer than using a subscription.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most impressive MMORPGs around, made with a much bigger budget than most similar games. The storytelling sets the game apart. Many online game stories feel bland and generic – lazily created to frame quests. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, it feels like your quests are a result of the story, making everything feel more involving and important.

You can download the game client here, and sign up for a free Star Wars: The Old Republic account here.

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