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Subway Surfers: 7 tips to be number 1

Subway Surfers: 7 tips to be number 1
Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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Subway Surfers (available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone) is the classic infinite racing game: control a skateboarder while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins and items. Because it  has unlimited lives, you can play for hours without interruption, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to master the game faster and get higher scores.

If you want to get higher scores to beat your friends in Subway Surfers, there are some strategies and tricks that can help you up your game.

Collect as many coins as you can

Although the score is what makes you beat your friends, it’s important that you pick up as many coins as possible. Instead of choosing the easy way, choose the one that will get you more money.

For example, if you go down the middle lane and move to the sides as fast as you can, you’ll get more coins.

Don’t forget to collect powerups

Yes, coins are important, but if you see that you’re approaching a powerup, take a detour and pick it up. It’ll give you amazing benefits like boots that make you run faster and jump higher, or a magnet you can use to attract all the coins in your path.

You might have to sacrifice a few coins, but you’ll see it was worth it as soon as you activate one of the powerups.

First thing’s first: buy boards

I don’t usually recommend spending coins, but in Subway Surfers, it’s absolutely essential if you want to progress.

There are many different ways to help yourself in the game, but above all, you have to invest your coins in hoverboards (the first option under Single Use). Why? The hoverboard gives you 30 seconds of immunity, meaning you won’t die if you hit an obstacle.

Always try to have a board in your inventory, and activate it as soon as you see the level starting to get complicated.

Invest in upgrades

Another thing you should spend coins on is upgrades. They help improve the powerups you find.

The return on investment is almost immediate: the longer you have a power activated, the easier it will be to collect coins.

Don’t spend your coins on single-use items

The only thing I don’t recommend spending your coins on is all other single-use items. They are quite expensive and their true value is not as good as that of the boards. In fact, the powerups you pick up are much more useful.

Save keys for sticky situations

The keys are the currency of the game. It’s quite hard to get them for free, so try not to spend them right away and save them for when you really need them.

Take this example: you get killed while you’re about to beat your friend’s high score. In this case, you should trade in a key and keep playing a little longer to beat your friend. Don’t use more than one key per game though, because before you know it, you won’t have any left.

Keep an eye on daily missions and challenges

An easy way to get items and coins is to overcome challenges and missions. These can be accessed on the game’s main screen.

The missions are tests that invite you to perform actions in the game, like collect X number of coins or jump X number of times. The best thing is, these missions have no expiration date.

On the other hand, daily challenges expire every 24 hours, but are also easier to overcome than the missions. Try to play Subway Surfers at least once a day, because if you succeed in the daily challenge for 5 consecutive days, the prize you get is very interesting.

Practice makes perfect

Consider these tips if you want to play for longer without dying, but remember that although these tricks are used to extend the life of your game, you’ll still need good touch skills, so start practicing to improve your reflexes.

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Maria Baeta

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