The 6 games you’ll get with January’s Xbox Game Pass

Jeremy Milliner


If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, get ready for six new titles that are landing this month. Some of these are sprawling open-world frenetic action games, others are episodic continuations of previous titles on Xbox Game Pass. There’s something for everybody, so let’s jump right in.

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6 games included in January’s Xbox Game Pass

1. Life is Strange 2

Not a surprise for most of us, given that Microsoft and Square Enix already put up the first season (and three-chapter prequel) to Life is Strange last month. As of January 3, the first episode of Life is Strange 2 is now available as well, with the second episode scheduled to land closer to January 24.

Life is Strange 2 Download Now ►

Follow the story of Sean and Daniel Diaz as they flee their Seattle home after a life-changing incident. See how Sean’s decisions will impact the lives of he and his brother as they head to Mexico while attempting to hide a looming, dangerous power.

2. Absolver

Even though it was released as far back as August 2017, Absolver‘s widely successful mix of martial arts and addictive combat made it both satisfying and strategic.

Don the mysterious mask of the Prospect and transport to a world rife with engaging boss fights, four distinct classes, and a high-adrenaline mix of breaks, charges, ducks, jumps, and parries. Absolver will hit the Xbox Game Pass library on January 7.

3. Farming Simulator 17

Want to ride a tractor and feed chickens? Do it.
Managing a farm is much less stressful than dodging zombies

Put down your gun and pick up a shovel with Farming Simulator 17. Take care of your land, expand your farm, feed your pigs, and transport goods like sunflowers and soy beans with new trains and a reworked missions system.

Farming Simulator 17 Download now ►

With over 250 vehicles and equipment from over 75 licensed manufacturers you’ll be in control of a huge array of farm vehicles. Farming Simulator 17 also allows for Xbox (and PS4) players to enjoy community mods!

4. Just Cause 3

Sometimes you want to farm, but other times you just want to blow up the world. We feel you. Just Cause 3 puts you in the high-octane life of Rico Rodriguez as he rains destruction down on Medici from the dizzying heights of his trademark wingsuit.

Just Cause 3 Download Now ►

The game world is 400 square miles with volumetric terrain adding new verticality, subterranean caverns, and five unique biomes each with their own unique topography and landmarks. If you want a no rules, no limits experience gunning through a sprawling landscape that plays out like a Michael Bay movie look no further than the Xbox Game Pass library on January 10!

5. ARK: Survival Evolved

Does anyone see the pterodactyl carrying off some poor guy?
It’s tame or take down, survive or suffer.

Another game that was released back in 2017, ARK: Survival Evolved just joined the Xbox Game Pass roster on January 3. This action-adventure survival game puts you in the world of Ark, a vast world populated by over 132 species of creatures, some of which you can tame … others of which you cannot!

ARK: Survival Evolved Download Now ►

Build a base and establish your territory with fire and weapon stores, and construct structures out of thatch, wood, stone, metal, and finally the futuristic tek, all while keeping track of your survival meters, ranging from health to carry weight to hunger. Explore a rich, living breathing world either by yourself or with friends.

6. Aftercharge

Victory Progress: 99% achieved
It’s like TF2 but with robots

Aftercharge is an online competitive 3v3 shooter game where you pit invisible robots against their creators. If that doesn’t sound cool, read it again.

The simple attack-vs-defend mechanic belies the game’s options for creativity and replayability, with squad-based combat taking center stage in a colorful arena of enemy players and glowing extractors. Players get to choose between several characters, each with their own talents and unique traits. Aftercharge will join the Xbox Game Pass lineup on January 10.

If you own an Xbox and are not yet subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, now is definitely the time to do it. The service costs $9.99 a month, and Microsoft is offering over 100 games to its subscribers. To check out more great games that you can get via Xbox Game Pass, check out their full list right here.

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