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How to avoid getting random invites on Xbox One

After telling you how not to get random invites on PlayStation Network and then on Steam, now it’s time to talk about the Microsoft console: Xbox One. With its latest update, this entertainment system from the Redmond boys has changed a little regarding its interface. However, the changes have been for the better, since everything is a little more organized, clear and direct (unlike the previous design, which was a little more chaotic and confusing when installing the console for the first time).

In this quick guide, we’ll teach you how to disable notifications for Xbox One so they don’t bug you while you’re playing. Are you ready? Here we go!

Bye-bye invites

After we’ve turned on the console, the first thing to do is log into our account with username and password. That takes you to the home screen. Next, we’ll click the central command button (on the Xbox) so it opens the task menu, which is now much prettier with the new redesign.

We have to go to the icon to the right of everything in the shape of a gear, called “System,” and within this screen, click on the “Settings” field. (Careful not to click “Turn off console” or “Restart console,” which are just below.)

From the options that appear within “Settings,” the one we want is “Preferences.” After selecting that, you’ll see the screen below. Navigate to “Notifications.” Press A to enter it.

For Xbox, like PlayStation Network, you can manage every invitation you get. However, there’s a twist: the system gives you the chance to disable all notifications by default. In other words, if you don’t want any notifications, uncheck the “Notifications on” box on the screen below and you’ll be all set (a drastic measure, but good for accomplishing our mission).

If you want to personalize invite commands, the option you must select is “Xbox Notifications.” Here you’ll have all the possibilities: “Friends and broadcasts,” “Activity feed,” “New followers,” “Messages,” “Party & game,” “Achievements,” “Game DVR,” “System,” “Incoming calls,” “Looking for Group,” “Clubs,” “Arena” and “Xbox Assist.”

What do we recommend disabling? Well, it depends on what’s useful to you on your Xbox One. For example, if you often use Skype on the console, the “Incoming calls” becomes key, so it’s better to leave it activated. Now, if you don’t regularly pick up calls, then you can remove it. Likewise, the “Xbox Assist” isn’t worth it if you’re a platform expert, and you can turn off “Looking for Group” if you don’t play online.

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