Flappy Bird alternatives for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Flappy Bird alternatives for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Do you still want to fly birds on your smartphone even though Flappy Bird has crashed and burned, having been removed from all app stores by its developer? Here are some of the best alternatives for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

In only a few days, Flappy Bird became a viral phenomenon, topped the Google Play and App Store charts, and drew huge media attention. But as its fame soared, so too did the criticisms and the accusations of plagiarism. The developer couldn’t take the pressure and decided to remove Flappy Bird from all app stores. Just one day after the announcement was made on Twitter, the game was no longer available for download:

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.

— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) February 8, 2014

Having been, or not been, a clone of other games such as ‘Piou-Piou vs. Cactus‘, and then itself being cloned by other developers, has to led to countless Flappy Clones. In this hands-on video below, Softonic Editor Nick goes through some of the alternatives. Below, you can find some other alternatives to Flappy Bird for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Flappy Chicken not Flappy Bird

Flappy Chicken

The developer of Flappy Chicken doesn’t care if chickens can’t fly. Although the game is very similar, there are of course some differences to Flappy Bird: the developer changed the character and the graphics –instead of having an 8-bit bird, there’s a cartoon chicken– but pipes are still the main obstacle, and gameplay is quite challenging.

Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird

Another game very similar to Flappy Bird, Clumsy Bird also chose to replace the old 8-bit style graphics for a more modern design, definitely having been inspired by another popular bird game, Angry Birds. Even the story seems to be loosely based on Rovio’s game: eggs have been stolen, only this time, it was by dragons.

Flappy Fish

Flappy Fish Leave the sky and dive into the abyss with this less similar clone. The settings is different, but so too are the laws of physics. In Flappy Fish, you have to stop the fish from swimming towards the surface. The rest of the game, however, has hardly any differences: the same aged 8-bit graphics, pipes as obstacles, and tap on the screen to move.

Jolly Fish

Jolly Fish As in Flappy Fish, you’re in the water and have to tap on the screen to stay under the surface. Again, you have to avoid obstacles and the graphics are what you’ve seen before, but new features include a screen that moves faster the longer you play, and a sea turtle that will eat the jellyfish as soon as it hits an obstacle or reaches the surface.

Flappy Bird for Windows Phone

Flappy Bird for Windows Phone Same name, same graphics, same gameplay, but different developer. While we were waiting for Flappy Bird for Windows Phone –which in the end will never happen– someone else released their own version. Who would have thought that Windows Phone users would be the lucky ones with this copycat version?


IronPants Ironpants is the hero, and with different looking obstacles in an urban setting, its still as hard, if not harder, than Flappy Bird. Just stopping the masked superhero from crashing into the first obstacle is a great success, which is perhaps why it’s rocketed to the top of the App Store chart.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer

Fly Birdie

Aesthetically, this is probably the least engaging Flappy Bird clone, with a static background worthy of a motel of the lowest quality, and a bird that looks like a dead pigeon. It is, however, easier, and could be a solution for those who feel frustrated by the difficulty of Flappy Bird.

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds If you’re looking for a more appealing –and easier– alternative to Flappy Bird, Fluffy is definitely the one to beat. With it’s sweet bulging eyes, the bird looks like a Disney cartoon, and the level of difficulty is quite low, with coins to collect along the way. It’s definitely a game for those looking for something with some of the charm of the ‘original’ Flappy Bird.

Many alternatives, some even better than the original

With so many Flappy Bird clones, some even better than their predecessor, we’re convinced that you won’t miss having the original on your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. And, as it’s happened with many other games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga, it could just be a craze that’ll soon be replaced by other games. In the meantime, you can have fun with these alternatives to Flappy Bird!

Will you play one of these Flappy Bird alternatives?

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