The Best Features in Virtual DJ Explained

The Best Features in Virtual DJ Explained

VirtualDJ is a powerful program for Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers. With the release of its version 8, VirtualDJ adds great new features that make DJing so much easier, whether at a professional gig or for fun at home.

Version 8 is the result of a three-year full rewrite of the software code. Here is a look at the new main features:


The sandbox concept helps you get ready for your next mix at the same time your audience is enjoying the current song. In the sandbox, you can move to the end of the playing track and mix in the next track.


The mix is picked up only by your headphones. When you find the right transition points, disengage the sandbox feature and your mix will play effortlessly.


The version 8 sampler lets you play unlimited samples at the same time. The selected samples can be audio tracks, videos, or even still images. You can organize and group samples, triggering them like an instrument bank.

Sound Engine

Audio components such as an equalizer, filter, limiter or pitch-stretcher are all re-designed, leveraging the strength of modern computers. These features deliver crystal-clear sounds, and the re-worked engine delivers 32-bit audio, though the sample rate can be tweaked if preferred.


The latest browser has three components: folders, file view, and side view.
Side view lets you show and switch between folders or lists, including automix, karaoke list, and side list.

Drag and drop folders into the side view, letting you park preferred tracks for easy access, and create your own shortcut buttons using this powerful tool.

A new folder organizational system also lets you organize track groupings in new ways and apply content from one folder into another. You can use folder filters such as “group by genre” to ease organization.


Effects windows can float and be moved around your computer screen now. You can un-pin the effects list to place it where you want. In this version, effects can be applied to one deck or as a master output function.



This version includes a number of built-in editing functions, including:

Automix: Lets you pre-edit an automix sequence, fine-tune mix-out and mix-in marks, the transition type and, with videos, the video transition to use. The program remembers mix tuning, letting you use those settings when you use the same two songs next.

Track Cleaner: Make edits to your tracks by removing inappropriate lyrics, deleting unwanted intros, or looping sections.

Track cleaner

Video: Add text effects or lyrics, or add new video tracks to audio-only tracks.

Sample: Adjust how you use audio, video, or image samples, including tweaking transparency on videos or cropping audio clips.

Point of Interest (POI): Manage your cues, including beat grid anchors, saved loops, and automix points.

If you like VirtualDJ, you’re sure to love DJ Mixer Express!

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