The best free sport games for your mobile phone

Maria Baeta


By now, most major sports like football and basketball have seasons that are well underway or coming to a close. If the season’s done and you find yourself missing the game, fear not: you can always try the virtual options.

The best free sport games for your mobile phone

We’ve had our fun with FIFA and PES, but there are also a ton of mobile apps that can help satisfy your sports craving while on the move. We’ve selected five sports games for iPhone, iPad and Android (and a few for Windows Phone and Blackberry) that are completely free and will help you get on the field, court or course, wherever you are.

Real Football 2013

Possibly the most successful sports game in any app store, Real Football lets you play the role of a professional soccer (football) coach or manager, letting you sign players, grow your team, and try to get your team to the top of the rankings. It includes licenses for actual players too!

Download Real Football 2013 for Android

Download Real Football 2013 for iPhone

Download Real Football 2013 for Windows Phone

Download Real Football 2013 for Blackberry

Top Eleven

The one big problem that Real Football faces, no online mode, is a feature that Top Eleven does include. Another big difference is that while Real Football focuses on individual play, Top Eleven’s focus is on multi-player mode. As in Real Football, you create your team and sign players, but you can also compete with other players, in real time!

Download Top Eleven for Android

Download Top Eleven for iPhone

NFL Pro 2014

If you’re a fan of American football, you’ll enjoy NFL Pro. This American football simulation not only includes all NFL, AFC and NFC teams, it has excellent and very accessible touch controls and great graphics.

Download NFL Pro 2013 for Android

Download NFL Pro 2014 for iPhone

Real Basketball

For basketball fans, there are lots of choices in Google Play and the App Store; we’ve chosen Real Basketball. Why? It’s an extremely realistic basketball game set in a street court. With 6 modes of play, it can be played solo or in multiplayer mode with the online option.

Download Real Basketball for Android

Download Real Basketball for iPhone

Mini Golf MatchUp™

Another sport with lots of fans, especially in the virtual world, is golf. It’s true that the masterful Tiger Woods has his own game, but we like the mini-put version too. Mini Golf MatchUp proudly does the name justice with its highly addictive gameplay and good connectivity with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s the ideal game to challenge your friends!

Download Mini Golf MatchUp for Android

Download Mini Golf MatchUp for iPhone

Which mobile sports game is your favorite?

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