The Best Hiding Spots in Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The Best Hiding Spots in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, one of your main objectives is often to escape the police, and thankfully, there are a number of great hiding spots available in the game to help you out. If you’re tired of getting caught, check out the following hiding spots in Need for Speed: Most Wanted:

The Bus Station

Take a look at your map and look pretty much directly in the center. There, you’ll find the bus station. Head on over there and drive up to the top of the station. From this vantage point, you’re not only harder to find, but you can also see the action going on around you, giving you the ability to know when you’re in the clear to make a move.

S-Bend Parking Lot

When traveling from Downtown Rockport to Rosewood, you’ll see an s-bend on the map. When you reach this bend, you should notice a small block on the map. This is a parking lot that you can quickly pull into in order to avoid getting busted.

The Police Station

Believe it or not, the police station in the first part of town can actually serve as a hiding place. The logic behind this is that, if all of the police in town are out looking for you, they won’t be at the station. Now, this isn’t guaranteed to work every single time, but it does work. Just keep an eye out for cops coming and going.

The Football Field

At the football field in Rockport, there is an underground parking garage, complete with cooldown. You can pull in and hide while reducing your heat level. Perfect for when you’ve got few options up ahead.

Don’t Hide for Too Long

Finally, no matter where you hide, don’t stay there for too long. The whole point of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is to evade the police, but it’s also to do so on your own merit. Hiding all the time is much like spawn camping in first-person shooter games. Yes, it’s easy, but it takes away from the spirit of the game. Use hiding as a strategy, but not as your only tactic. Otherwise, you’re likely to get bored with the game and give it up, all while missing out on the fast-paced action Need for Speed: Most Wanted is known for.

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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team