The Best of Opera 48 (Day 5): Improved O-Menu

The Best of Opera 48 (Day 5): Improved O-Menu

Opera recently released the 48th version of its world-famous web browser for Windows and Mac. This latest update incorporates many new features that will improve your browsing experience, and this week we’re going to go through some of these highlights. You won’t have seen some of these features in a web browser before. Check them out and then, if you like, you can try Opera 48 for free.

Improved O-Menu

Opera 48 has a much better organized O-menu. The sections are much cleaner and more logical. You can easily access your bookmarks and even quickly import your bookmarks should you decide to make the leap to Opera from another browser. Another improvement to the menu is easy access to recently closed tabs.

Download Opera 48 for Windows

Download Opera 48 for Mac

On top of the improved O-menu, Opera 48 has a bunch of other great new features, which we have been reviewing all week. If you haven’t already seen the other articles in the series, take a look:

Snapshot Mode

The Everything Converter

The Easiest Way to Search

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