The first video game console for dogs

Troy Zaher


Dogs are more intelligent than we sometimes give them credit for. Despite this, there has been very little technology created to stimulate a dog’s mind. A lot of their toys and games are based on their physical ability (like playing fetch or chewing on a bone), rather than their mental ability. That is until CleverPet Hub.

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CleverPet is a video game console created by neuroscientists as a way for dogs to entertain themselves when their owners aren’t home. The game system has puzzles specifically designed for your dog to solve. It uses a variety of behavioral and neurological functions to help your dog get invested into its games. As your dog gets better at these games, they start to get more difficult and complex. This challenge is not only mentally stimulating for your dog, it’s also entertaining!

The device can be used while you’re at home with your pup, but is primarily made as a way to keep your dog entertained while you’re gone. As such, it is completely self-functioning. There is an app you can set up specifically for scheduling the game to start on its own, and check on how well your dog is doing. It also is a great way to make sure your dog gets some treats while you’re away.

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The neuroscientists behind this game console have put in a lot of research, and it really shows with the final product! Each step of the game is teaching your dog different cognitive functions. Early puzzles focus on basic conditioning, while later puzzles will even have color matching. If you have a dog and you’re not home very often, then this game console is definitely worth considering!

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