The little button that will improve your Facebook experience

The little button that will improve your Facebook experience

Hidden in your Facebook feed is a button that can improve your Facebook experience almost instantly. Few people know about it, but if you find out how to use it, it’s a gem that will make everything about Facebook better.

The small arrow that’s next to each post isn’t hidden, but it’s hard to notice. If you haven’t seen it, this is what I’m talking about:


Facebook doesn’t really explain what each option does, so I will.

Hide people and pages

The first part of this menu hides posts you don’t want to see in your News Feed. When you hide a post, Facebook will take note of this to try and show more relevant posts.


You can also unfollow people who follow these pages, or you can choose to hide these types of posts. Instead of unfriending someone, you can mute the page that your friend likes.

If you think you made a mistake, you can undo it by going into Settings, which is the small gear icon next to the News Feed.


When you open the window to remove people and pages from your feed, you also have the option to add them again.


Another useful feature is the ability to report a page. This lets you report a post or person if the content is spam, or if it’s a fake account.


Get notifications of interesting posts

If there’s a post you want to follow, you can Get Notifications for that specific post. This means that every time someone comments on the post, you’ll get a notification from Facebook, which is useful if you want to track how people are reacting to a specific story.


Save news to read later

A new feature that Facebook recently added was the ability to save posts to read later.


To see what you’ve saved, click on Saved in the sidebar menu. The Facebook app also has this feature.


This feature is very similar to apps like Pocket or Instapaper; the advantage of saving it in Facebook is simply that its Facebook.

Lots of features in this tiny menu

With all these options, why doesn’t Facebook give the button more visibility? Maybe the company doesn’t want to distract you, or maybe hiding pages isn’t great when Facebook is trying to advertise to you. Lucky for you, now you know how to avoid it.

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