Criticism of The Mandalorian 3×07: the war for Mandalore arrives, by Juan Carlos Saloz

Disney Plus series reaches its climax

Criticism of The Mandalorian 3×07: the war for Mandalore arrives, by Juan Carlos Saloz
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Season 3 of The Mandalorian was not being, so far, the most memorable of the series. Although there are certain episodes like 3×06 or 3×04 that have brought us back to understand why we like this Star Wars fiction so much, in general terms it was lagging somewhat behind the previous two seasons.


However, all that has changed in the seventh season episode. All of the above has been a way to pave the way for what was to come, and I have to say that 3×07 has been one of the most memorable episodes of the entire Disney Plus series.

After getting to know Mandalore, seeing what was going on with Moff Gideon, discovering Grogu’s power and seeing how Bo-Katan Kryze manages to reunite the different tribes of Mandalorians, we reached a climax in an episode directed with great skill and in which we finally know what the fate of this race will be.

The return of Moff Gideon

The episode begins with a declaration of intent. After in 3×06 Bo-Katan and Din Djarin managed to gather the mercenary Mandalorians, they finally land on the planet Nevarro, where the Sons of the Guard are settled. There we see some first strains between the two tribes, although all seem to be clear that they want to collaborate.

Along with this we see a scene that makes it clear that this has only just begun: Elia Kane, a character we already saw in 3×03, is allied with the Empire, and is the one that gives wings to Moff Gideon to return to the raids. The villain of the previous seasons returns stronger than ever, and has a primary target to beat: the Mandalorians.

As a war looms between the Old Empire and the new Mandalore, Din Djarin visits the capital of Nevarro with Grogu and recovers something we saw in the first episode of the season. The little mechanics that the IG-11 droid had left behind have turned the robot into IG-12, a kind of piloted ship made by and for Grogu.

In this way, little Baby Yoda once again shows his tenderness and childish mischief piloting the droid, which will be his new means of transportation -and weapon-. This is one of the most endearing moments of the episode, with Grogu experimenting with his new limbs and making peace among the Mandalorian tribes by making it clear that he is the only one who understands the world as it is.

In memory of Paz Viszla

But peace doesn’t last forever, and although everything seems to look good when they meet Mandalorians from the planet, who guide the more reckless ones to the capital, trouble soon follows. First, they are attacked by a huge beast, in a fast-paced, Pirates of the Caribbean action scene that makes it clear that this series is not being affected by Marvel Studios’ CGI problems.

And, when they are finally saved from it and manage to regain their strength, the worst moment arrives: Moff Gideon sets a trap for them and his soldiers trap the Mandalorians without them being able to escape. Din Djarin, Bo-Katan and the rest fight with what they can against the Imperials, and many of them are saved thanks to the precious sacrifice of Paz Vizsla.

However, although Paz Vizsla gets a redemption of her character with this beautiful scene, no one manages to prevent Din Djarin from being kidnapped by Moff Gideon. And so ends the episode, with the protagonist of the Star Wars series cloistered and not knowing his fate, while the rest of the Mandalorians have been saved by the hair of the Imperial.

Now there is only one episode left to go, and everything seems to indicate that it will be epic and action-packed. Will Mando survive Moff Gideon, or will the villain get his revenge? Whatever happens, it is clear that the future of The Mandalorian is very, very promising.


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