The Most Functional Browser Apps Available

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Whether you’re using Google Chrome on a desktop or a mobile device such as an Android or iPhone, you have hundreds of options to customize your browsing experience.

Developers have created an array of apps that let users work, play, watch and connect better. Let’s take a look at 9 of the best apps for Chrome available today.

The Most Functional Browser Apps Available

1. Videostream for Google Chromecast

When you want to watch downloaded videos on Chromecast or Android TV, Videostream is a great choice. With Videostream you don’t need a media server or wait for your entire computer to be indexed by a program.


2. CloudMagic

This versatile email application started on mobile and made the leap to desktop. It’s an all-in-one mail tool that supports various email and webmail systems, including IMAP, Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and iCloud. There’s a unified inbox feature and the ability to integrate with popular programs like Evernote and Instapaper.

3. Evernote

Like CloudMagic, one of the web’s best note-taking tools has jumped to the Chrome OS. The app lets you organize notes and files into cloud-based searchable notebooks that can be synced across all your devices.


4. Pushbullet

With multiple devices and tools on each device, we are bombarded by content through emails, messages and links. With Pushbullet, all of that information on all of those devices is aggregated. A single space holds all the information and can be used by any and all of your devices.

5. Overdrive

Do you love to read or listen to audio books? With Overdrive, you have access to more than 30,000 libraries around the world. Users can virtually borrow items, create wish-lists and holds, and return books. A sync feature lets users coordinate libraries, bookmarks, and last-read position, making it easy to keep reading regardless of the device you have in front of you.

Here you have the app for Android

6. Sunrise Calendar

With Sunrise, your calendar will be as pretty as the name implies. Google and iCloud calendars are synced easily and the calendars are synced across devices too. Adding events and event details is simple.

You can download the app for your Android free

7. Trello

Trello is a virtual bulletin board, aggregating your projects and your life. With Trello, you create lists that are actually containers that hold to-do lists, ideas, notes, and tasks. You can track progress easily and share information with project partners.


Trello is also available for iOS and Android

8. LastPass

How many dozens of passwords do you have to keep track of? With LastPass, you can easily store passwords and usernames in an encrypted locker. Access what you need from one location. The app also includes a handy auto-fill function.

9. Pocket

When you see a story or a link to a story that you just don’t have time to read in the moment, Pocket (formerly Read It Later) lets you quickly save it for future reading. Pocket syncs across your devices, giving you the ability to view articles, videos, and photos later, even when you’re offline. Custom features let you adjust the font size, change the background, and add tags.


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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team