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The Sims 4 trailer shows off powerful character creator

The Sims 4 trailer shows off powerful character creator
Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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The latest trailer for the upcoming The Sims 4 game shows off a powerful character creator. Called “Create A Sim,” the tool allows players to drag their mouse to manipulate character features. Past games required players to select a body part and drag a slider.

With Create A Sim, characters can be easily customized while still offering precise control. Ryan Vaughan, producer of the game, showed off a digital version of himself in the game as well as a few of his coworkers.

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You will also be able to customize each character with traits that give them special abilities. For example, you can make a character a genius, bookworm, and creative to make him or her a quick learner. This allows the sim to build new skills faster.

The Sims 4 will be available for the PC this fall.

Source: The Sims (YouTube)

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Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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