Tip: playing ripped DVDs in VLC

DVDsRipping DVDs can be a tricky process, but playing the rip can be even trickier. In a nice tip we found on Hackzine, Chris Anderson explains how you can watch your ripped DVDs on VLC player. This tip works both for an.ISO disk image and a full DVD and will allow you to keep all features, menus and extra options from the ripped DVD. Previously we also mentioned two good applications to rip your DVDs, SmartRipper and AnyDVD HD Beta. The first one has the advantage of offering lots of advanced options like three copy modes and shows technical data and statistics about your rips. AnyDVD HD Beta is also worth a try if you want to remove copy protection and regional codes from HD-DVDs and AACS. Just remember though, that you’re only ripping your DVDs for backup purposes.

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