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6 tips for selling online (and making more money)

6 tips for selling online (and making more money)
Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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If you clean up your house a little bit, I’m sure you’ll find gadgets, clothes and other things that you don’t use, which are in good condition and you could sell. Why don’t you do it? Maybe because in the past you tried and had no good way to find a buyer, or in the end you sold everything at a loss.

While many are having financial issues and can’t pay much money, it’s also true that sometimes we don’t use good seller strategies when we want to get rid of something we don’t use. I’ve found tons of articles online about how to sell something in a professional way for businesses, but there’s hardly any info about how to sell something to individuals online. So, today I’ll leave you with 6 tips that I use when I want to sell my things online… I hope they work for you!

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1.- Toy with the price

When it comes to adding a price on what you want to sell, you have to be a real strategist. Don’t be “pricey” and try to post something used at the price of a new item. But also don’t sell your product at a loss, especially when there are other sellers that have higher prices.

Before posting something for sale, review prices for the item as new and on other sites where they sell used items. Add a competitive price, not too high or too low, and always mention that you’re willing to go down a little.

Don’t be close-minded about negotiating if a buyer is interested in your products. It’s not about selling at a loss, but rather getting rid of the item even if you get a little less than expected.

Another good technique for selling is not to hide the actual price of the item. In the description of what you’re selling, put the actual price of the item in stores so buyers see that they’re saving by buying an almost-new item from you.

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2.- Consider free shipping

With services like Amazon, Aliexpress and other sales pages, people are used to free shipping, so they’re more hesitant about paying extra for shipping, even if it’s 3 measly euros.

If you’re selling remotely, consider including shipping in the price. Even if you put the item at a higher price, the fact of having “free shipping” or “shipping included” will encourage many buyers.

Another option, if you’ve put several things on sale, is to offer free shipping if somebody buys more than one product (and obviously charge shipping only once).

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3.- Choose your images carefully, and your text!

When you’re willing to sell something on a platform, the sales listing is very important. Take good pictures of your products, making sure that you have good lighting and the item is shown in good condition (for example, if you’re selling clothes, make sure they’re clean and ironed, please! And if you’re selling a cell phone, wipe the fingerprints off… don’t be a slob!). Today, with a smartphone, it’s not necessary to have a great camera to take good photos.

Another option is to add official photos of the product, but also attach actual photos so the buyer knows what you have; it’s their job to see the potential!

Just as important as good photos is good text. Besides being careful with spelling, obviously, make sure to be brief but also give all basic info that the buyer may need: features, clothing size, model of the product/gadget and all relevant info.


In addition, to sell more successfully, market your item as it deserves. If it’s something new, clearly point that out and if it’s second-hand but in good condition, always put “like new,” “used very little,” etc. Also, if we’re talking about an item under warranty (especially for electronics), clearly say so in the description and attach the receipt (seriously, always keep receipts, you never know when you’ll need them).

Obviously, if the item has a small defect you should say so, but don’t wallow in this either. True story: I remember once on a Facebook sales group, I read something like “I’m selling this XXX brand bag, which is worn-out from use, but still may work.” Do you seriously think somebody wants to buy a “worn-out” bag, as good as the brand or price may be? If something is well-used, you can put “used but still in good condition” or “perfect with a few repairs,” as well as attaching a photo of the defect or imperfection. And alright, if you’re really selling something that’s worn-out maybe it’d be more useful in a garbage can than the house of a poor gullible soul.


4.- Be helpful and friendly, even if you think you’re wasting time

This seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve encountered really obnoxious buyers! When you sell online, you have to accept the idea that potential buyers will ask detailed questions about the item. Always be helpful with this and respond to all their questions courteously.

It also happens that sometimes somebody is interested in an item, leaves a comment or sends you a private message (for example, on Wallapop for Android or iOS) and you hear nothing more from them. Keep at it, because sometimes a buyer forgets, whether from neglect or absent-mindedness, and not because they’re no longer interested in the item.

Obviously, don’t insist endlessly, there are lots of rude people who simply aren’t interested in buying something and don’t bother saying so… But those cases are the exceptions, often they haven’t answered you out of pure absent-mindedness.

If you’re selling to somebody in your city and they ask to meet up, make it happen, and if they ask to see or try the item before buying it, tell them yes. The nicer you are, the greater the chances that they’ll buy what you’re selling, plus they’ll leave you a good review if you’re selling through an app (Wallapop, eBay, etc).


5.- Talk like a pro seller

It’s one thing to be helpful, and the other is to treat potential buyers as if they were your soulmates. So, when you sell, use professional seller strategies. If your potential buyer is hesitant about an item, tell them that you have other people interested and they shouldn’t think too much (it may be true or not, but the person will never know).

Besides, if they’re in doubt, it’s time to negotiate (see number 1). Offer them a discount and say you’ll give them something (for example, if you’re selling a cell phone or camera, tell them you’ll include the cover for free, even though you were thinking of selling it). If you’re selling remotely, when you prepare the package, add a thank-you note for the buyer. My mother always tells me that we have to be grateful and she’s completely right… You never know when you’ll interact with that person again!

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6.- Find the right platform for what you’re selling

Online there are many ways of selling, some completely free and others with fees. The good thing about second-hand ones (like eBay) is that they make sure more people see your item, but it’s not always necessary to choose them.

For example, if you sell very specific things, don’t go to general sites like eBay or Wallapop (available on iOS and Android). Scan Facebook for buyer-seller groups for your item. There, the audience is more specific and looking for certain types of items.

For example, I often sell clothes that I don’t use. My style is very different and not many like it on Wallapop and even Chicfy (service for selling only clothes). Instead, on Facebook groups for alternative clothes, I get many more interested people in a shorter time, plus they’re already predisposed to buy those kind of things. Apply this idea to anything you’re selling, you’ll be amazed by the specific buyer-seller groups in your area.

If you want to know more about sales platforms, I recommend this video, where we recommend 5 very good apps for buying-selling.

Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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