Tips to manage your time

Clock logoBenjamin Franklin once said “Time is money”. The KLF once asked, “What Time Is Love?”. What could they possibly both have in common? Well, one is that they could both have benefited from a slice of time management whether it was to earn money or find love.

Time management is one of the hardest things to master with so many things vying for our time. It’s easy to get absorbed by one task and forget about the next. The internet is one of the biggest culprits in stealing valuable time which is why it’s worth trying RescueTime – the genius of which is that it tracks the way you spend your time on your PC and for how long. You can then review this data to see which activities are eating the most time. If you want to track the amount of time you’re spending on a specific project or working task, then you’d be better to try Complete Time Tracking Software. This program is particularly useful for managers who need to track how long a task takes to complete for a team member.

If you’re a freelancer or contractor then time management is particularly important since time really is money. If you have to combine worksheets and time keeping with invoicing, then TimeCore is a versatile tracking tool which reduces the amount of work you have to do when it comes to invoicing for your work. If you’re managing a small business, then Advanced Time Reports Web Primer does exactly the same thing but is designed with a team or several members involved. For contractors, Easy Time Tracking is an excellent time-billing solution but it relies on both yourself and your clients installing it to work seamlessly.

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