Tips to speed-up Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader logoIf like me you get tired of waiting for Adobe Reader to open a document due to the infinite number of plugins that it loads on startup, there is a way to speed it up. Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe’s Reader software more tolerable for everyday use.

The good thing is that you only have to use it once. Once you’ve executed Adobe Reader SpeedUp, Adobe Reader is immediately tweaked forever to discard many of the extensions and add-ons that slow it down. It also offers you a few extra tweaking options depending on your hardware and current configuration. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with the results either – you can always roll-back any changes you’ve made.

Of course, if you’re still not satisifed with this program, you can always discard Adobe Reader completely and switch to the altogether lighter Foxit PDF Reader.

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