Top 10 mind mapping tools

Elena Santos


Create mindmapsMind maps – also known as concept maps – are visual diagrams used to represent ideas and tasks relating to a given topic. They come in especially handy when you need to generate and manage ideas for a work project, because having a visual representation of all available concepts helps you organize the necessary workflow in a more optimized way.

There are several ways to create mind maps, being the most traditional one a notebook and a pencil. White boards are also quite popular, mainly in companies and other working environments. But in a software-ruled world like ours, we prefer to pay attention to software and web tools that can help you create and handle those mind maps in a comfortable, practical way. Check out this list with the best mind mapping software apps out there.

  • MindManager – capture ideas from several sources and create mind maps with them
  • MindGenius – easy, intuitive mindmapping tool for everyone
  • FreeMind – a mind map tool based on Java
  • MindPad – create colorful, complete mind maps
  • Visual Mind – mind map tool with a flexible graphic interface
  • NovaMind – conduct brainstorming sessions and create mindmaps with their outcome
  • CMapTools – free mindmapping tool with exporting capabilities
  • Cayra – an open-source mind map program with basic functionalities
  • ConceptDrawMindmap – professional tool to create concept maps
  • Mindomo – online mind map tool in two flavors: Basic (free) and Premium ($6/month)

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