Top 5 desktop sharing tools



Desktop sharing logoA while back, I wrote a blog post singing the praises of the excellent Crossloop desktop sharing app. What I particularly liked was the fact that it is completely free, the ease of use although I was a bit disappointed by the time lag when sharing two screens. However, since then I’ve discovered a number of other desktop sharing apps that do the same job with varying results. Some I’ve found quicker others slower, but in the end, nothing that was completely perfect. My top 5 so far:

  • Crossloop – Still the best by virtue of the fact it’s free and so easy to use
  • Festoon – An interesting Skype complement for sharing desktops
  • WinRemotePC – Desktop sharing with a professional feel
  • ShowMyPC – An open source solution although tricky to configure
  • TeamViewer – Fast sharing and file transfer facility

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