Top 5 RAM optimization tools

RAM logoDoes your PC slow down when you’ve got a lot of windows or programs open? Does it take ages to switch between programs or close them down? If so, your RAM might need a boost. A while back I wrote a post with a few tips on pumping-up your RAM for free. One of the programs I sang the praises of was FreeRAM XP but I’ve recently uninstalled it because despite initial success, it eventually started actually slowing down my system. The problem is that it takes way too long to initialize and during optimization, sometimes programs would momentarily hang or even crash. The fact is, it’s not natural for anything to bypass Windows in managing RAM but these are a few other RAM optimizers that are worth a go. Of course, none of these are a substitute for simply upgrading the amount of RAM you have:

  • RAM Idle LE – Works quietly in the background for a faster PC
  • RAM Medic – Analyses your system and calculates optimum RAM distribution
  • SuperRAM – Lightweight and powerful RAM manager
  • RAM Saver – Defrags memory and flushes RAM periodically
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