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Top drawing applications for PC

Cyril Roger


743218_78506501.pngDrawing applications are a dime a dozen and can go from the professional 3D drawing tool to just fun brush and pencil sketching programs. More serious users will go for advanced solutions with animations, layers and advanced drawing tools while normal users will look to a simple solution to scribble around. Let’s take a look at the some of the top drawing software and what you can do with them:

  • Toon Boom Studio – Aimed at people in the animation industry, this program lets you create cartoons in the cut-out way by using motion paths.
  • OpenCanvas – This is more of a sketching app, with lots of highly realistic brushes. The program is very similar to Photoshop, uses layers and offers a friendly interface easy for newcomers to handle.
  • Manga Studio – Ever wanted to recreate Ranma 1/2, Dragonball Z or Astro Boy? Create your own anime with Manga Studio, which has more than 3,000 screen tones and 80 different templates.
  • Google Sketchup Pro – Easy to use yet very powerful, it lets you create realistic 3d models. Good for architects and field planners.
  • Facial Studio – You can use this tool to quickly draw up anybody’s face. Just scan a portrait, let Facial Studio analyze it and you’ll then be able to change anything from the skin texture to chin, nose or hair.
  • Artweaver – A free drawing tool that offers a wide range of brushes and layers and can load up plugins. Accessible to beginners.
  • Paint.NET – One of the best free apps you’ll ever find, Paint.NET offers you loads of powerful tools and special effects in an intuitive interface.
  • Sketch Master – One of my personal favorites. Create sketches out of any photo. Use one of the many brushes provided or just let the random settings generator come up with a sketch for you.
Image via: Unsplash

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