New VidAngel site filters out language, violence from TV and movies

Trevor Hutchins


VidAngel‘s creators developed an intuitive website the allows you to filter content from movies and TV shows. Don’t care for profanity? Sickened by gory violence? You have the power to take that all out!

However, VidAngel changed after a lawsuit.

Before the lawsuit, you could pay around $20 for a title (we had “Deadpool” for a while, which was great) and remove the parts you found distasteful or didn’t want your kids to see (no, we weren’t watching “Deadpool” with the kids). You could keep the movie or return it for $18 in credit, basically a two-dollar rental of the best shows, clean and filtered!

So, what does VidAngel look like post-lawsuit? How does it work, and is it worth the new $10 subscription cost? That’s what we’re going to discuss!

The new VidAngel

Front Page


Head to the VidAngel site. When you begin your subscription, you’ll see something like the picture above. Welcome to the main screen!

As you can see, the layout looks different. Partially, this comes from changes over time, but a few points bear mentioning.

Scroll through the categories to search by class. VidAngel still retains many of the trappings of a streaming service, which means they’ve  added some VidAngel exclusive shows:


Aside from this, you’re dealing with your average streaming service until you step into your first video. Let’s say that’s “Happy Death Day 2U”

Signing Into Services


Before hopping into a video that requires another streaming platform, you must first sign into that account. In this case, for “Happy Death Day 2U,” that’s AmazonVideo.

Attempting to connect your account leads to this screen:

Sign In

Grab the code (here, it’s covered in red) and head over to Amazon. When you sign in, enter the code where specified and wait 15 seconds! 


Once you’re finished, the show is ready to watch!

Happy Death Day



As always with VidAngel, the filters can be chosen individually for each movie, as seen above. You can see how many filters are in effect in comparison with the total, check the altered runtime, and see a visual representation of what parts went missing.

However, there’s a nice addition to all this.

At the top of the main page, next to the “Categories” and “My Library” buttons, you’ll find “Default Filters”. Hit this button.

Mas Filters

Here, you can engage filters for every video you watch! If you really don’t like hearing the F-bomb, take it out completely. As you can see above, there are even options to remove all opening credits and closing credits! (Along with an anti-Jar Jar Binks option that prequel fans may enjoy).

If you know exactly what you don’t want to see or hear, this tool makes VidAngel a great choice: you’ll never have to worry about changing a thing. In fact, you’ll have all your favorite shows across multiple streaming services readily available in one place.

Wrapping Up

Are you willing to pay an extra $10 a month, in addition to your other streaming services, to watch clean content? If yes, VidAngel doesn’t give many reasons to go elsewhere: their well-crafted service connectivity makes them the top dog in filtered streaming.

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