Warning! This security flaw in Windows could put your PC at risk!

Warning! This security flaw in Windows could put your PC at risk!

A new serious security flaw has been detected on Windows that could put you at risk. It’s so sneaky, that it’s able to run any program without Administrator permission – this includes malicious apps that can have fatal consequences.

This bug, discovered by researcher Casey Smith, makes it possible to run any app remotely – even if the infected user is using AppLocker (a program that prevents programs starting up without permission from the Administrator). This security flaw takes advantage of the Regsvr32 tool.

But relax, we also didn’t know what Regsvr32 was before writing this article, so here’s a bit of a summary for you to chew on. It’s basically a tool within the Windows command line that handles log entries. By using it maliciously, and taking advantage of the flaw, a hacker is able to run any program on the PC, including malware or malicious software. Since the system doesn’t require the Administrator password nor does it alter the system registry, it’s almost impossible to trace where the attack is coming from.

The security flaw affects the business editions of Windows 7 onwards, so as you can imagine, this has the potential to be more of a problem for businesses rather than individual users.

Knowing Microsoft, we imagine that they’ll soon find a solution to this security breach, but it certainly never hurts to at least be aware of the current at this moment in time! Be careful!

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