What’s New In Fortnite Season 5

What’s New In Fortnite Season 5
Justin Cabrera

Justin Cabrera

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The highly anticipated Season 5 has finally arrived in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic Games had their work cut out for them, as the story-soaked Season 4 was a fan favorite for its live rocket launch, superhero storyline, and Infinity War crossover. The portals opening in the sky following the rocket launch led many players to speculate that Season 5 would involve time travel and dimensional warping. They were right.  Below, we’ll break down the map changes, new Battle Pass content, and gameplay additions.

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Trouble in Paradise

Life is a highway!

Sorry Moisty Mire fans (both of you), the whole bottom right section of the map has dried up and desertified. In its place is a bustling desert area featuring several of new named and unnamed locations. The entire area has a southwestern United States, Route 66 theme to it. The main attraction is Paradise Palms, a resort town that features a tall hotel complete with pool. There are plenty of nearby pitstops too, including a giant go-kart track for the new All Terrain Kart (more on that later), a truck stop, and a bunch of dinosaur statues modeled after the real-life Cabazon Dinosaurs tourist attraction in California.

What better way to wind down from the horrors of war than to hit the links?

Additionally, the farmers at Anarchy Acres apparently decided to take up golf instead, transforming the area into Lazy Links. This high society attraction features a golf course complete with luxurious buildings, tennis courts, and a fleet of All-Terrain Karts.

Fortnite is for the Nords!

Time travel shenanigans have led to an entire Viking settlement popping up on a mountain south of Snobby Shores. This location is mysteriously unnamed, with fans so far dubbing it Viking Village, Norse Nook, or simply Whiterun. It remains to be seen if other anachronistic locations will spring up in the future.

The New Crew

A Viking, a lifeguard, and a time traveler walk into a bar…

Season 5’s new batch of skins certainly fits the time travel theme. Featuring a colorful and diverse new cast of characters, players have gone right to work completing challenges and leveling up their Battle Pass to add them to their collection of skins. Much like Carbide and Omega from Season 4, two of the new skins are customizable with unlockable upgrades. The two new skins that are customizable are Drift (the blonde guy in the center of the picture above) and Ragnarok (the terrifying white-eyed Viking to the left of Drift). Their completed costumes can be viewed below:

Can’t wait to see these badass new skins dabbing

A Whole New Gameplan

The void is calling

Tying into the dimensional theme of Season 5, Epic has added small fractal-like portals called rifts to various locations on the map. When players enter these rifts they are warped to the giant crack in the sky, allowing them to dive and glide to avoid the storm and outrun opponents.

While Tomato Man and Durr Burger will be sorely missed, their legacies live on as golf cart accessories

The brand new All-Terrain Kart allows up to four players to powerslide their way to victory. Players can drift to gain speed boosts a la Mario Kart, and the roof of the kart serves as a jump pad. The karts can be found and taken on test drives at the new go-kart track and at Lazy Links. It was hilarious seeing the stunts that players could pull off with the shopping cart, so we can’t wait to see the Jackass stunts that people come up with for the ATK.

Shoot threes, not other players

An unexpected but welcome addition to the Season 5 Battle Pass, toys allow players to shoot baskets, hit golf balls, and volley a beach ball. If you can avoid being gunned down, try hitting a few baskets at Tilted Towers or shooting a hole in one at Lazy Links!

Justin Cabrera

Justin Cabrera

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