Windows 8 Redbox app released to show locations and reserve rentals

Redbox, the movie streaming service, has released an app for Windows 8. While Netflix offers streaming content as well as mailed rentals, Redbox is more focused on physical rentals located in high-density locations like grocery stores and other popular places.

While the company has tentatively started a streaming service called Redbox Instant, it doesn’t have the stability or polish of other streaming services like Hulu.

Regardless, the company is moving forward with the release of its Windows 8 app, which features a kiosk locator for you to rent physical discs and the ability to reserve a rental from a kiosk.

Redbox Rentals also allows you to search for titles by “release date, genre, and rating.” It also lets you watch trailers.

For people who enjoy having a physical disc to watch at home, Redbox is a great option so you’re not waiting for a disc to arrive in the mail.

Source: Windows Store

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