Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview now available

Jonathan Riggall


Microsoft has released Windows Phone 8.1 to developers. The news came from Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore on Twitter, and the update should automatically arrive on Windows Phone devices with developer accounts.

Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview is designed to allow apps to be made in anticipation of the public release of the operating system. To get hold of the update, you need to download the ‘Preview for Developers‘ app, and meet one of these three requirements: “have an active Windows Phone Dev Center account; (b) have an active App Studio account; OR (c) be running a registered developer device (‘dev unlocked’ phone).”

Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview now available

It’s not hard to get hold of this Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview, but most users are better off waiting until June when we expect the official release. Updating is an irreversible process, so you have to be sure you want it, and aware that the developer preview is not the final version of Windows Phone 8.1.

Source: Twitter, Microsoft


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