Word processing on the move

Access Office documents on your phoneIt seems that wherever you go now it’s impossible to escape work. As Google Docs launches its mobile service today, it’s becoming ever easier to use office applications on the bus, in an aeroplane or even at the cinema. The new Google service is great news for workaholics, allowing you to access mobile-optimised versions of your Word and Excel documents. The developer has done a great job of making it easy to read the information but unfortunately there are no editing facilities just yet.

However, there are a few existing apps for mobile phones that give you the freedom to create and edit documents on the go. For instance, Palm owners can use MiniWord to bash out those important last-minute notes on the train to work thanks to its one-click copy and paste function and simple text editor. If you use a Pocket PC then try RDM+, which lets you open and edit Word documents, and includes a raft of other neat features such as file searching, data transferring and emailing. eOffice is a great office suite for Java and Blackberry phones because it lets you open and edit both Word and Excel documents, and synchronise files with your desktop.

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