Worldwide governments made 24% more requests for user data in 2014

Worldwide governments made 24% more requests for user data in 2014
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Facebook released its third Global Governance report this week, detailing how the social network has responded to data requests about users from governments around the world. The reports began as a response to concern about the government snooping uncovered by Edward Snowden, aiming to rebuild trust with users who feared governments were able to spy on their social networks.

Far from decreasing, governmental requests for data have actually grown by 24% worldwide in 2014, while the amount of content shared on Facebook that was restricted grew by 19%.

This report has a neat world map, split into regions, so you can explore the data around the world – it’s also available to download as a .CSV you can open in Excel. What information you get for each country varies, presumably relating somewhat to local laws. This third report relates to January – June 2014.

Other companies also publish this kind of report, like Yahoo!, Microsoft and Twitter, although each one is slightly different. There isn’t yet a standard way of presenting this data.

Source: Facebook

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