Yahoo! Mail: what’s new?

Yahoo! Mail: what’s new?

Yahoo! Mail has turned 16 and is celebrating with a brand new interface and some new features.

The change will kick off in the US and UK, but will expand to the rest of the world shortly after. It includes the webmail apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8. There is also a downloadable version of Yahoo Mail for Windows 10. Let’s see what’s new!


Compared to its predecessor, the new interface is much more beautiful and modern. Conceptually, it resembles Gmail, but the clean look and rational organization of the tools appear to be even better than Google’s webmail.


You can also access Yahoo! Messenger, and the calendar, address book and notepad, straight from the main interface.

Messenger etc

You can choose to customize the appearance of Yahoo! Mail with 24 high-quality themes. The photos are taken from Flickr.

Yahoo! has already tested this new philosophy with its weather app, with remarkable results. Once you’ve chosen the theme, an algorithm applies it to the whole interface. This means that color consistency is guaranteed across the screen.

The theme you choose for the web app will be the same one that you’ll see in the application on your smartphone.

iOS tema sincronizzato con webmail

The new message composition window is white and very clean and looks a lot like Gmail, which has drawn mixed reactions from users.

The new features in Yahoo! Mail

The storage space available to users has increased to 1 TB, which is a very generous offer.

Among the new features, there’s also a new message compose window and the ability to sort emails by topic. This function is enabled by default, and you can disable or re-enable it from the Preferences menu.

You can expand and collapse the threads easily using the small arrow next to the message.

Another useful feature is the ability to view all messages from a single sender. To do so, simply click on the magnifying glass next to the sender’s name.

You can also create folders in webmail and sort your mail, a feature that makes the Yahoo! mailbox very tempting for those used to the logic of organizing folders for Windows and Mac, and who aren’t too keen on the alternative of Gmail’s labels.


With one click, you can access your folders. To add a new one, just click on the folder with the “+” sign in the top right.

A successful update

Yahoo! Mail looked dated and really needed a new interface. In the new version, all important features are easily accessible and it looks clean and crisp. After a close look, it’s definitely the best webmail on the market (although truth be told, the bar is set pretty low!). No one, even long-time users, will find it hard to get used to the new interface.

What do you think? Do you miss the old Yahoo! Mail?

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