Your kids shouldn’t have these programs installed

Nacho Requena Molina


Kids are using technology earlier and earlier, and it’s not a problem… if there’s parental supervision. It’s important to know what your youngsters are up to, what content they consume, web pages they access, video games they play, etc. And some apps could get your kids in trouble. These are the programs your kids shouldn’t have installed.

(But because we want you parents to know what you might be up against, it could be worth downloading them to see the pitfalls, so we’ve included links to try them out.)

Kik Messenger

It’s important to monitor your kids if they use social media or a messaging app, but even more so if the system hides the sender’s identity. A good example of this is Kik Messenger, a completely anonymous messaging app, which means anything said or received can’t be tracked. 


This is one of the biggest headaches for parents: Poof. With this app, users can hide their cell phone’s location. This way, kids can lie about where they are at the moment, even if parents ask them to share their location.


There are dozens of apps that live broadcast everything going on. However, for young people, there’s one app above the rest: YouNow. This tool is the favorite for young teens filming their daily activities. Basically, it’s like Periscope, but its boom with young people has given it skyrocketing popularity. Do you really want your kid broadcasting to the world?


If your kids are hiding something, you can bet they know it’s not something to be proud of. If your kids have Vaulty installed, you should be concerned. With this app, you can add a password to any photo or video on your cell phone. It encrypts your audiovisual content so nobody can access it. Yep, that includes you, Mom and Dad.

Also, it has an intrusive feature: if the password fails, the camera is activated and it takes a photo automatically. Make sure that doesn’t happen…

Vaulty download free


Exchanging information anonymously is always dangerous. Many terrorist organizations use these tools to send and receive data without anybody knowing the origin or destination. Dozen of apps fall into this category, but for teenagers, there’s one that tops them all: Whisper.

This app has gained popularity with young people due to the ease of exchanging information. It can spread rumors, hoaxes, fake news and much more with a few clicks. Most of all: it’s a hub for school bullying, so tread carefully if you see it installed.

Whisper download free

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