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YouTube adds a tip jar for your favorite channels

YouTube adds a tip jar for your favorite channels
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YouTube has added a virtual tip jar for you to donate to your favorite video creators. While many popular YouTube channels make enough money from ad revenue, smaller channels may not make nearly enough for content creators to sustain themselves. Tipping them gives viewers the chance to support the creation of more content.

The YouTube Tip Jar has presets for donating $1, $5 or a custom amount. You can attach a comment with your donation too. The service uses Google Wallet so you have to add a credit card to your Google account before you can donate. The YouTube Tip Jar works across the web and in mobile applications.

YouTube Tip Jar donation ammount

Google takes 5% of the donation plus $0.22 for each transaction. This helps Google cover the credit card fees and to make a little profit for themselves as well. A 5% cut is still much better than the 70/30 split of Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The YouTube Fan Funding is currently only available in the United States, Australia, Japan and Mexico. Content creators have to enable the Tip Jar on their videos in order for the donation button to show up.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Police

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