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  1. 3D strategy game with realtime warfare

  2. A Software Program that Helps Create 3D Art in VR

    Tvori is a software tool that lets you make 3D art in VR. It could be referred to as the digital equivalent of Lego. However, Tvori has a lot more pieces and...

  3. Survival horror RPG modeled after Chernobyl

    Chernobylite is a first-person action game for PC developed by The Farm 51. It's a survival horror game set in a fictional world that was modeled after...

  4. Shoot waves of zombies

    Infinite Zombies 3D is a small independent free game in which you must shoot successive and endless waves of zombies. You'll have three cards and five...

  5. Extraneüm

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    A free cute Doom-like FPS

    Extraneüm is a free action video game wherein you must survive and fight back against hordes of alien creatures. Developed by David Jalbert, this 3D...

  6. A VR App that Lets You Work With Your 3D Models More In-Depth

    Strata inStudio VR is a virtual reality space for 3D models. The app lets you experience your 3D designs within a much immersive environment. The app has...

  7. Maglev

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    Free 3D action puzzle game with pleny of cuteness

    Maglev is an action/puzzle game where you control a robot called Tobot, who is in love with a Toaster. Tragically, the toaster has been kidnapped by the...

  8. Stylish retro 3D shoot 'em up

    One of the problems with early 3D games was that they pushed their systems too hard, meaning gameplay was often jerky and a bit disappointing. Modern...

  9. Take on the dark city of a post-Soviet world

    Peripeteia is a free action video game wherein you can live the life of a cyborg supersoldier. Developed by Shodanon, banebigguy, and Eighth Exodus, this 3D...

  10. 3D platforming game for PC

    Blazing Dynamo (prototype) is a free action video game for PC that was made by an indie developer who goes by the name rittz. It is...

  11. A free app for Windows, by 11K Studio.

    Mine Block Craft 3D is a free software for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  12. A free program for Windows, by Insta Royal Sport Games.

    Crazy For Speed 3D: Most Wanted is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Action'.

  13. A free program for Windows, by Ninja Craft Best Games.

    Craft Pocket 3D: Survival & Exploration is a free program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  14. Cubemen

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    Fast paced 3D battle game

    Cubemen is a 3D Good v Evil tower defense style game when little blue men take on little red men in an effort to attack their respective areas.It's fast and...

  15. Futuristic 3D platforming loaded with ideas

    Set in an authoritarian future, Mirror's Edge is a unique 3D platform game where you play a free-running courier delivering secret and sensitive messages...