Download Arcade Games For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. FUEL

    • 4
    • (249 votes)

    Free roaming arcade racing in a huge environment

    FUEL is the latest driving game from Codemasters. Throwing you into a post-apocalyptic world, you have to race for your survival and to earn the game's...

  2. The classic Megadrive Sonic returns... only better!

    Sonic the Hedgehog is - with the exception of Super Mario World - the epitome of early 90s platform games. If you are nostalgic for the golden age of 16-bit...

  3. An excellent and free pinball game for Windows

    Pinball Arcade brings a fast-paced pinball simulation to your PC. In this free game, you've got to keep the ball in play on the Medieval Madness pinball table.

  4. The arcade classic returns for 2007

    If there's one game that's defined my career in the arcades then it's Sega Rally. Ever since I was in short trousers I've been destroying my friends at the...

  5. This arcade classic will never get old

    Fixed the problems with the game running in Vista and Windows 7 Changed the OPTIONS menu Added a sound and music volume control/slider Changed the game so...

  6. Arcade football game for the Captain Tsubasa series

    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is a football arcade video game that lets you step into the soles of titular character Captain Tsubasa and his...

  7. Compete against Wreck-It Ralph in Fix-It Felix Jr.

    The game from Wreck-It Ralph is now yours to play for free in Fix-It Felix Jr.

  8. Classic Sonic Adventures in Sonic After The Sequel

    Sonic After The Sequel is a free game that takes you back into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you have fond memories of playing the original games in...


    • 5
    • (1 vote)

    Horror-based micro-games

    SpookWare is a horror game created by Papercookies, the brain behind the creepy cult hit, No Players Online. This game takes the Nintendo classic WarioWare...

  10. Alex Gordon

    • 4
    • (281 votes)

    Explore a secret island

    Alex Gordon is an exciting platformer game developed by Free Ride Games that will remind you of the famous Indiana Jones. Adventure awaits you as go...

  11. Sonic 2 HD

    • 4.1
    • (755 votes)


    Sonic 2 HD is a remake of the second ever game in the Sonic series provided by fans for fans. It revamps the way the game looks and feels to match what...

  12. A frenetic 2D spaceship shooting game

    Chicken Invaders III places you in a 2D space ship where you must fight off waves of chicken-related enemies. The graphics are cartoony and the design...

  13. An Arcade Game That's a True Blast from the Past

    Red Crucible 2: Reborn is a modern warfare game wherein you compete with players from across the globe. Helping you during your battles in this first person...

  14. The Beat 'Em 'Up Masterpiece is Tougher than Ever with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is an enhanced version of the original Street Fighter V. It retains everything that fans loved about that game, but...

  15. A Classic Arcade Fighting Game Returns

    FIGHTING EX LAYER is a fighting game developed by ARIKA. The fighting game was once an April’s Fool joke until ARIKA decided to turn it into a fully-fledged...

  16. A Classic Hero Returns Once More in Mega Man 11

    Mega Man 11 is the latest instalment in Capcom's legendary platform series. Get ready to relive some old memories as you send the blue hero on another...

  17. Epic Gaming Trilogy for Adventure Lovers

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a collection of three fun games that were originally released in the 90s for the PlayStation. This time around the games...

  18. Cool Game for Retro Fans

    Super Bomberman R is a remake of a classic game and many people are sure to remember fondly. While the game has managed to retain its classic feel, the...