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  1. Free Data Management and Retrieval Server

    Nextcloud is a free app used to access your data across any number of devices. The system gives the option of storing your data on their online servers, your...

  2. Quickly view your Facebook feed

    Facebook for Chrome is an extension that allows users to quickly access their Facebook news feed, messages, and more.Ever wanted to update your Facebook...

  3. Blotter

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    Get Organized, Right On Your Desktop.

    Blotter is an app that integrates with iCal to allow you to view your week and beyond as a part of your wallpaper. It also provides access to iCal's...

  4. Free photo organizer and web publisher

    Picasa and iPhoto have virtually made other photo management apps on the Mac redundant but if you look hard, you'll still find some nice...

  5. Popular iOS calendar now for Mac

    Sunrise Calendar is a popular calendar app for iOS that is now also available for Mac. Sunrise is a slick alternative to iCal and fully integrated with the...

  6. Journaling App for the 21st Century

    RedNotebook is a free piece of software that enables users to journal on their desktop or laptop computer. With a wealth of modern features, like the ability...

  7. Calendar application from the creator of Firefox

    If you're a fan of the Firefox web browser then there's a good chance that you'll like Sunbird which has been made by the same developer...

  8. Customizable calendar for your desktop

    PandoCalendar is a good, free Mac program, that is part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars & Planners.

  9. Email, calendar and contacts from the ground up

    Mulberry started off life as a software project that was meant to help the developer learn more about Internet protocols used for email. In the end, it grew...


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    A Google calendar client is a nice, free program only available for Mac, that is part of the category Internet software with subcategory Web (more specifically Browser...

  11. Klok

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    Personal time-tracking ideal for freelancers

    Klok is designed for anyone that needs to manage their time, projects and earnings as they work. It's aimed especially at freelance workers, so if you turn...

  12. An Advent Calendar with Windows jokes

    The Christmas Calendar widget is probably the weirdest Advent Calendar I've come across to date. Instead of showing a different part of the Nativity each...

  13. A discreet Dock calendar

    DesktopCalendar is an awesome, free Mac program, belonging to the category Customize your Mac with subcategory Desktop & Menu Bar.

  14. Free and Encrypted Cloud Storage Software for Computers and Smartphones

    OwnDrive is an excellent means for users to safely and securely store their data within the cloud environment. As highly advanced encryption methods are...

  15. An Easily Accessible Islamic Calendar for Mac Users

    Elyoum is an Islamic/Muslim calendar app for your Mac that sits neatly on your menu bar. The calendar shows you the dates, along with sunnah’s fasting and...

  16. Chandler

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    Open source note taker and organizer

    Chandler is an open source organizer which lets you create and save notes and organize them in your calendar. Although at first I found the interface a...

  17. DateLine

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    Discreet desktop calendar to access iCal

    There are so many calendar and organizational apps out there that the market for them has become more than a little saturated.DateLine attempts to...

  18. Quick Calendar

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    Streamlined and Basic Digital Calendar Application

    Quick Calendar provides users with immediate access to the local date and time. This application will be placed within the notification center and it only...

  19. The complete MotoGP calendar for 2010/11

    Looking forward to the MotoGP 2010/11 season? The make sure you don't miss a race with this tasteful MotoGP 2010 Calendar Wallpaper.The background image...

  20. Bilingual South Korean holiday calendar for iCal

    South Korean Holiday Calendar automatically adds the dates of major South Korean holidays into your iCal calendar. Holidays include Labor Day, Independence...