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  1. Free software for developers

    PyCharm Community Edition is a free and open-source integrated developer tool. JetBrains developed and published this freeware for Python code developers;...

  2. Nmap

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    free network mapping software

    Nmap, short for Network Mapper, is a free security scanner that is commonly used to build pieces of software used within IT support roles. By searching for...

  3. Remote Support App for Companies to Manage Clients

    Zoho Assist - Free Remote Access Software is a web-based remote support service for securely accessing and managing other computers from your local browser.

  4. Free Text Translator for Mobile Phones

    There are many times when you might require an on-the-spot translation service. Microsoft translator provides you with a host of user-friendly tools that...

  5. Sweatcoin turns steps into the latest gadgets

    Enabling users to generate rewards through movements recognised by their smartphones, the Sweatcoin app is an innovative approach to the traditional step...

  6. A Robust Tool to Keep Track of All NSE and BSE Companies

    MyStockPlanner: Stock Market India is a stock market tracking tool that helps you live-trade the Indian stock market. It lets you track the stock indices...

  7. Free Software for Companies

    Zapier is an online tool that has been created especially for small and medium sized businesses that need to unify their online presence. The software goes...

  8. Git

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    Cool Software for Companies

    Git is special software that has been created to help companies that have several different branches to merge and communicate more easily and efficiently....

  9. OpenNote offers web-based notekeeping

    Note programs are gaining popularity these days, with the three biggest perhaps being Microsoft’s OneNote, Google’s Keep and EverNote. OpenNote works in a...

  10. Free project manager program

    project management software is often complex and expensive but that's not the case with GanttPV. With GanttPV managers can define tasks, task durations...

  11. An app that allows you to buy and sell locally

    The Wallapop app is similar to Amazon and eBay in that regular people may list things for sale locally without actually running a business. The app has a...

  12. A CRM Specially Designed for Small Companies

    CRM software is usually designed or optimised keeping a multinational company’s requirements in mind. The smaller firms are typically not the software's...

  13. Free App for Companies

    Pleo is a special app that companies can give to their employees to allow them to make work related purchases. While employees will have the freedom to buy...

  14. Invoicer

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    Easily create invoices for all kinds of companies

    With Invoicer you can easily create and print all sort of invoices, no matter what kind of company you run.Invoicer lets you create a custom list of items –...

  15. Useful Software for Companies

    Ramco Logistics is third person logistics software that has been created for medium sized and large companies. The software stored data on the cloud network...

  16. Help Desk Solution for Companies

    Bornevia is a multi-channel customer support helpdesk that has been created especially for teams working on the same project within a company. The software...

  17. Pleo

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    Free App for Companies

    Pleo is a special app that companies can give to their employees to allow them to make work related purchases. While employees will have the freedom to buy...

  18. A Free To Download Amazon Buying App

    The Amazon BuyVIP app allows you to gain access to discounts and offers for items on Amazon (the famous online shopping website). The offers are generated by...

  19. SLII

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    A free program for Android, by The Ken Blanchard Companies.

    SLII is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  20. Cool Market Automation Software for Companies

    HubSpot is a special type of inbound marketing software that is designed to help businesses to transform their marketing strategies. This is a once stop...