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  1. Calculate days between dates, date N days from date, etc.

    Date Calculator is a useful, free Windows program, that is part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars (more specifically Utilities).

  2. Time and Date Calculator is a powerful and easy to use date / time related calculator, counter and converter.

  3. A scientific calculator, unit and currency converter all in one.

    HEXelon MAX is a complete scientific calculator that includes currency and unit conversion tools. The scientific calculator interface features everything you...

  4. A free app for Android, by Techjambo.

    Pregnancy Calculator is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Health & Fitness'.

  5. Free Apps for Lonely Hearts

    Love Test Calculator is a free app that allows users to discover if they are compatible with their chosen love interest. Users simply need to enter their...

  6. Easily calculate time periods between two dates

    JoneSoft Date Calculator might be a simple tool but it does an important job - it provides an exact count of the number of days, hours and many other...

  7. A full-featured date time calculator, get result date or days between dates.

  8. Provides the estimated birthing date for a large list of animals

  9. A mathematics calculator with equation displays

    Magic Number – The Calculator is an app that has over 100 functions as a calculator, but where it really shines is through its method for displaying math....