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  1. Free App for Data Lovers

    Age Calculator is a special app that can be used to calculate the amount of time between certain dates such as dates of birth and death to produce an...

  2. A free math exploration Google Chrome extension

    Desmos Graphing Calculator allows you to manipulate and explore math problems and issues with just your Google Chrome web browser. The extension allows you...

  3. Time and Date Calculator is a powerful and easy to use date / time related calculator, counter and converter.

  4. Find housing and property in a flash

    Housing is a free mobile app developed for the iOS and Android operating systems. Developed to help users find the houses or properties they’re looking for...

  5. Calculate the time consumption (hours, minutes, seconds and more) of your works.

  6. Calculate how much time you work each week

    Time Worked Calculator is a nice, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Productivity software.

  7. Easily calculate time periods between two dates

    JoneSoft Date Calculator might be a simple tool but it does an important job - it provides an exact count of the number of days, hours and many other...

  8. Free App for Accountants

    Percentage Calculator is a special app that provides users with the percentage of any figure that is selected. While accountants and other types of...

  9. Calculate the phase of the Moon for any time

  10. A Calculator That Lets You Compute Production Time

    Time Calc is an app that lets you calculate minutes and hours without having to convert specific values into decimals. This is a great tool for people who...

  11. Free Software for Amazon Sellers

    FBA Calculator for Amazon is special software that has been created to help people who sell products on Amazon to work out the exact amount of commission...

  12. Aion

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    • (6 votes)

    Keep track of time in any time zone

    If you travel a lot, or if you work with people who are spread across the globe, it can get really annoying having to calculate what time it is on their side...

  13. Woongkir

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    Free shipping rates calculator

    Woongkir is a WordPress plugin that calculates delivery rates for couriers in Indonesia. Note that you need the API plugin to use Woongkir....

  14. Time Calculator for Chrome Browser

    Time Calculator is an easy time-management tool for Chrome. It can help you track multiple projects or time-based events and create customized schedules for...

  15. A free app for Android, by Olivier Popiers.

    Hours Calculator: Minute Time Calculator is a free software for Android, that makes part of the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  16. How fast does the Enterprise go?

    Warp Speed Calculator is a bit like most widgets out there: it doesn't really serve any purpose but it's fun to use. This widget basically allows you to...

  17. TimeCard Calculator - Hours and Minutes - Helps You Calculate Your Working Hours

    TimeCard Calculator w Hours & Minutes- Timeclock is a timecard calculator app that allows you to calculate the time you worked by entering the time you...

  18. A Complete Calculator for Construction Professionals

    Construction Calc is a calculator for construction workers such as contractors, tradespeople, architects, builders and other people with specific computing...