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  1. Cool Tool for Social People

    BetterApp - Desktop App for Google Hangouts is a special tool that allows users to run Google Hangouts on the screen of their Mac. This means that the...

  2. Bar-like JukeBox for your desktop

    Universal JukeBox is a music player that gives you something a little different than most music players. Visually the player is a little mixed. The now...

  3. Streamlined Tool to Crop and Adjust Desktop Windows

    Better Snap Tool is a great way to better manage the layout of your desktop. Its main purpose is to allow you to resize individual windows and to change...

  4. WorkSMART

    • 4.7
    • (3 votes)

    Remind yourself to take short breaks from work

    I personally don't need anyone at work to tell me when it's time to go home, but I also understand there might be people who get so concentrated that forget...

  5. Free Tool for Designers

    Figma is a special tool that has been created for web workers and web designers. Unlike similar tools on the market such as Sketch, the main advantage is...

  6. A great tool for uncluttering your desktop

    When you’re constantly working on your PC, it can be very easy to lose track of all the files and folders that you’ve accumulated in it. When things start to...

  7. Complete calendar tool to organize your work

    A good organization is key to improve productivity, and the best way to organize your time is using a calendar like VueMinder Calendar Lite.As you can tell...

  8. A tool for screen recording and post-record editing

    Screen Record Pro - HD Screen Recorder is an app you set running on your device to record either the whole screen, or a section that you select yourself....

  9. Basemark GPU

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    Evaluating Graphics Performance

    Basemark GPU is a benchmark test utilities and tool software created by Basemark Oy. The software is utilized as a platform-agnostic Graphics Evaluation Tool...

  10. Swift Paste

    • 4.6
    • (2 votes)

    Make the Windows clipboard more powerful

    Do a lot of copying and pasting? Maybe Swift Paste can make your life a little bit easier. Swift Paste expands the capabilities of your Windows clipboard...

  11. A complete organization tool for people on the go

    LeaderTask is an organizer that lets you manage your projects, contacts, tasks and, ultimately, your time.If you're like every other adult out there, you've...

  12. TweetOBox

    • 2.4
    • (4 votes)

    Twitter desktop client based on AIR

    TweetOBox joins the almost endless list of Twitter desktop clients with an AIR-based app that looks quite promising – but still needs some work.You can...

  13. A Free Tool to Examine Your Computer’s CPU and GPU

    CompuBench is a professional OpenCL benchmark that helps examine and compare computing performance of accelerators, GPUs, and CPUs of desktop computers. The...

  14. A virtual closet for your applications and documents

    Berokyo takes the principle of organizing clothes in a closet to your documents and software on your desktop. The aim is to make everything more accessible...

  15. Diino

    • 2.9
    • (16 votes)

    Your internet desktop and auto-backup tool

    Fancy 2GB of free storage space accessible from everywhere? Read on and discover Diino. This service allows you to store everything you need to backup your...

  16. A smart toolbox for your desktop

    Capture.NET is a small program with a ton of useful features for Windows users. The developer describes this as 'the Swiss Army Knife of PC tools', and it's...

  17. All in one privacy cleaning tool

    Sometimes it's handy to have an all in one tool that does everything from cleaning the registry to system monitoring rather than several different apps. This...

  18. Zen Writer

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    A tool to help remove distractions as you write

    Zen Writer is a writing program that creates a distraction-free environment for you to work on your computer. It is better suited to people who are writing...

  19. Organize your desktop differently

    Managing your desktop space can sometimes be a bind, and if you need some help keeping windows neat and organized, try PowerResizer. This tiny application...

  20. Customizable graphics tablet app

    Astropad Studio is a graphics and design application by Astro HQ. This multimedia tool turns your tablet to a fully customizable graphics station. Astropad...