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  1. Fun puzzle game for casual gamers, set in the forest

    Forest Mania is a puzzle game where you have to join 3 or more figures of the same species (frogs, foxes, hippos, mushrooms and so on). For each level you...

  2. Explore the VR World In Facebook’s Online Sim Game

    Facebook Horizon is a virtual reality social media platform that acts as both a hub for simulation games and online chatting. A product of Facebook, Horizon...

  3. Guess the words your friends create

    Hanging with Friends Free is a game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that challenges you to come up with tricky words for friends to guess.From the...

  4. Bust a move in this motion-controlled dancing game

    SEGA Go Dance is a motion-controlled dancing game for iOS. It's designed to be a novel way to dance and keep fit - but ultimately it's a bit embarrassing.

  5. Domino

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    A Domino game with standard Domino rules

    Domino offers a board or table, and allows you to place Dominoes against other online players or against the computer. It doesn't play different Domino...

  6. The app that turns you into a zombie has risen

    Would you like to see your face, or the faces of your friends, turned into that of a terrifying zombie? This is what you will get with ZombieBooth 2, in just...

  7. Keep going!

    Monster Dash for Chrome is a browser-based version of the perpetually popular running and shooting game.As the hero, Barry Steakfries, you need to blast the...

  8. Build your own holiday-themed zoo

    Tap Zoo: Christmas is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase animals and decorations to build a virtual zoo.In the same vein...

  9. Crazy fun bouncing ball game

    Paplinko is a fun game in which you need to bounce balls into cups to score points. The ball must drop though a network of springy pegs, which shoot it...

  10. The only way is up for this cute pixel ninja

    Ninja Up! is a more-ish endless jumping game in which you need to bounce a plucky martial artist into the sky. Starting at street level you need to...

  11. Challenge your friends with musical recognition

    SongPop Free is a social musical recognition quiz game for iOS.Think you're a music buff? With SongPop Free, you can put your knowledge to the test. You can...

  12. Test your trivia knowledge

    Trivia Crack is a game from the creators of Aworded that pits you against your friends (or strangers, if you prefer) to put your knowledge of a variety of...

  13. Chill out with Sid, Manny, Diego, and friends

    Building on the massive success of Ice Age Village, Gameloft's follow-up title Ice Age Adventures takes Sid, Manny, Diego and friends to greener pastures....

  14. Beat the clock in a series of fun and frantic mini games

    Hardest Game Ever 2 is an immensely enjoyable game of skill where you must tackle a series of silly challenges and beat the clock.

  15. Trix Game

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    Popular Arab Card Game Made Digital

    Trix is a card game, which is quite popular in the Arab countries. Available for Mac, this four-player trick-based game contains multiple exciting challenges...

  16. Ghost Catchers

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    Capture ghosts, spirits and other ghouls

    In Ghost Catchers, you play the part of a young boy who keeps seeing ghosts and is recruited by spirits to help restore balance to their World. In Ghost...

  17. The Line

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    Follow the line in this basic but addictive game

    The Line is one of those simple yet impossible games, like Flappy Bird or 2048, that comes along and sucks all of your free time. The conundrum in The Line...

  18. A game of "chicken" for your iPhone

    Finger Slayer is a bloody, nerve-wracking game of chicken for iPhone.The aim of Finger Slayer is simple – put your finger in the on-screen guillotine and...