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  1. Running in circles has never been so much fun

    Running Circles is an addictive free to play game, which could be the spiritual successor to Flappy Bird, as it also has that quick-fire 'just one more go'...

  2. Missing Flappy already? Try Miley!

    Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball is yet another Flappy Bird clone designed to fill the gaping hole that the disappearance of the original has left. Developers...

  3. The Line

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    Follow the line in this basic but addictive game

    The Line is one of those simple yet impossible games, like Flappy Bird or 2048, that comes along and sucks all of your free time. The conundrum in The Line...

  4. Become leader of the Alpaca

    The point of Alpaca Evolution is an odd one: You must slowly (and bizarrely) absorb all the Alpacas in your herd. After you add you reach a certain point...

  5. Let it Goat!

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    It's time to let Flappy Bird goat

    Let it Goat! is an addictive side-scrolling endless runner that is the spiritual successor to Flappy Bird. Instead of flapping through pipes, you control...

  6. Flappy Mac

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    Free Flappy bird-like game

    Flappy Mac is a fast-action arcade game created for vintage 68K Macintosh computers. This free-to-play game will remind players of the viral mobile game...

  7. A free program for Android, by cranberrygame.

    Shoot Flapping Bird - Flappy is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  8. Paper Wings

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    Gorgeous Mobile Game With Addictive Gameplay

    Paper Wings is a tap-based mobile game developed for Android devices. Similar to other mobile games, like the highly popular Flappy Bird, Paper Wings employs...

  9. Flappy Sky Bird

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    Flappy Sky Bird - A Free Flappy Bird Clone

    If you enjoyed the 2013 sensation Flappy Bird, it's progenitor The Helicopter Game or any of the many clones that came in the wake of Flappy Bird; then...

  10. Flappy Bird 2

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    Play Flappy Bird 2 on Your Google Chrome Browser

    Flappy Bird 2 is a classic, simple, yet enjoyable game. You will be challenged to beat the highest score.You will be able to enjoy this offline version...

  11. Play Flappy Bird Offline For Free

    If you've been a fan of Flappy Bird, then you can now play the game offline. No Internet connection is required, so you can play Flappy Bird in the comfort...

  12. Flappy Bird Game Review - 100% Free Flappy Bird Game

    If you like the game Flappy Bird, you will love this completely free Offline version for the Google Chrome browser. The game is free, easy to play, and does...

  13. Flappy Bird Unblocked Version (Only 1MB)

    The most popular unblocked games of 2020 with only 3MB download size. Flappy Bird Unblocked Version (Only 1MB) is one of the best flappy bird games in 2020....