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  1. Missing Flappy already? Try Miley!

    Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball is yet another Flappy Bird clone designed to fill the gaping hole that the disappearance of the original has left. Developers...

  2. Clone of the Flappy Bird game

    There have been several attempts to copy Flappy Bird and Fluffy vs Flappy birds is another mediocre effort. Fluffy vs Flappy birds follows the same principle...

  3. Avoid the pipes in this Flappy Bird-style game

    Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer is an easier version of the original Flappy Bird casual game, which casts you in the role of a high-flying bird.

  4. It's fast, but it won't make you (too) furious

    ALONE... has been compared to the seemingly impossible to complete Flappy Bird, which is a bit unfair. The gameplay is challenging and it definitely has the...

  5. The Line

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    Follow the line in this basic but addictive game

    The Line is one of those simple yet impossible games, like Flappy Bird or 2048, that comes along and sucks all of your free time. The conundrum in The Line...

  6. Help the bumbling bird fly through the forest

    Clumsy Bird is a Flappy Bird-style game that features a hapless bird with two left wings who you must guide through the trees.  The object of Clumsy Bird is...

  7. Paper Wings

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    Gorgeous Mobile Game With Addictive Gameplay

    Paper Wings is a tap-based mobile game developed for Android devices. Similar to other mobile games, like the highly popular Flappy Bird, Paper Wings employs...