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  1. Versatile password manager that types your passwords for you

    KeyPass is a versatile password manager that types your passwords for you. Unlike other password managers that require tedious cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop...

  2. ShareAll

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    • (56 votes)

    Powerful file-sharing app

    ShareAll is a free file-sharing and peer-to-peer application developed by Quantum4u for mobile devices. It enables you to instantly share different files...

  3. Protect your USB files

    You may have heard of file locks for computers but what about the files in your USB drive? USB Flash Block/Unblock is an application developed by...

  4. Password Protect Your USB Drive And All Its Private Contents.

    USB Secure is a tool used to place a password on a flash drive, generally USB. It provides a number of options, such as allowing the user to disable or...

  5. iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer - Recover your lost Windows password

    This application makes it simple to reset your lost Windows password safely. The simple, yet powerful tool is a real lifesaver in situations where you are...

  6. Utility to format your USB hard drive

  7. A free USB Flash Drive manager for Windows XP

    This Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager only works with Windows XP, but there are plenty of other Microsoft USB Flash drive managers that work with different...

  8. A Simple Tool that Helps You Recover Your Lost Digital Content

    Eassos Recovery Free helps you recover your important files and documents from your corrupt or damaged storage drive. The tool helps retrieve formatted, lost...

  9. Free Password Protect USB Flash Drive

    Whether you need to keep confidential information safe in a professional setting, or just want to keep something private for personal reasons, Free Password...

  10. Antirun

    • 4.2
    • (21 votes)

    A Free Security program for Windows

    Antirun is a popular, free Windows software, belonging to the category Security software and has been published by

  11. Predator
    • 3.8
    • (71 votes)

    Use a USB memory device to block your PC

    If you use a key to block access to your home or your car, why not do the same for the computer?Predator turns any USB memory device into a key that blocks...

  12. Run old games from your flash drive

    DOSBox Portable is a handy, free (gpl) game only available for Windows, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Emulators and has been created...

  13. PStart

    • 4.5
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  14. Software to Recover Lost Flash Drive Data

    While flash drives are extremely useful devices if you wish to store data, problems can still occur from time to time. Mac USB Flash Drive Recovery Wizard...

  15. Recover lost data and files from any device

    BYclouder Data Recovery Pro lets you find and restore files that you've deleted or lost from your hard drive or an external device, including your USB flash...

  16. Free basic anti-virus tool for USB sticks and portable devices

    Anti-virus tools are essential for any computer. And now with Mx One Antivirus you can always have one in your pocket.Mx One Antivirus is a basic anti-virus...

  17. Quickly save Flash content from the web to your hard drive

    Save Flash is an awesome, trial version Windows software, that is part of the category Browsers with subcategory Add-ons and has been created by Pilot Group...