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  1. Alternative Windows 10 & Windows 8 Start Menu

    If you don't like your Windows' Start Menu, then change it. Despite its name, Start Menu 10 is a Start Menu substitute that you can use on Windows XP, Vista,...

  2. Brutus

    • 2.7
    • (129 votes)

    Shut Down, Restart or Log Off Your Computer with a Single Click

    Brutus is a freeware that lets you shut down, restart or log off your computer with just a single click. The service is compatible with Windows Me, Windows...

  3. Give your PC a Windows 8 look and feel

    Windows 8 Start Panel is an app that transforms your PC to look more like the upcoming Windows 8 interface.If you're always trying to find ways to make your...

  4. ViStart
    • 3.2
    • (245 votes)

    Add Vista start menu functionalities to Windows XP

    You may not like the way Vista works, but you have to admit it does have some nice features. One of them is the new Start menu with an embedded search field...

  5. Adjust the transparency of the Windows 7 taskbar

    Taskbar Transparency is a popular, free software only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar Start...

  6. Seamless Integration of Spotify to Computers

    Xpotify is a music and radio software by Mahdi Ghiasi. The software client turns Spotify into a native Progressive Web Application for computers. There is no...

  7. A more powerful start menu

    Start Button 8 brings a smarter, more customizable start menu to Windows.While Windows 8 users may be missing the traditional start menu, Windows 7, Vista...

  8. Make the Start menu in Windows 7 easier to use

    Start Menu 7 is an interesting replacement for the standard Start Menu in Windows 7. It has been designed with ease of use and customization in mind.Unlike...

  9. Minibin
    • 3.6
    • (14 votes)

    A recycle bin for your system tray menu

    Minibin is a helpful, free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar Start Menu & Explorer...

  10. Restore Windows 10 start menu on Windows 11

    TenStartMenuFixer is a special utility that can bring back the Windows 10 start menu on your Windows 11 operating system. The new start menu is something...

  11. IObit StartMenu8

    IObit StartMenu8 desktop customization app that brings back the start menu that you know and love. Windows 8 is a radical departure from the traditional...

  12. A simple tool for removing the Windows 7 watermark

    Each release of a Windows OS has been controversial, but what hasn’t been controversial is the fact that Windows watermarks are extremely annoying. They...

  13. Start8

    • 3.8
    • (205 votes)

    Bring back the start menu without giving up the Modern UI

    Start8 is a customization application that brings back the traditional Windows start menu without compromising using the Windows 8 Modern UI start...

  14. Launchy

    • 4.5
    • (41 votes)

    Say goodbye to the Start menu

    Do you get tired of using desktop shortcuts or the Start Menu to access programs in Windows? If so, don't fret because Launchy can make your life a lot...

  15. Customize your Start menu with this app

    The start menu for Windows 10 is very versatile as it gives the users a traditional one column menu and tiled screen. With such a design, you will find all...

  16. Disable annoying Windows 8 features

    Skip Metro Suite is a simple, desktop customization program that allows users to disable specific features of Windows 8.Windows 8 is no doubt going to be a...

  17. Give a transparent effect to the taskbar and start menu in Windows

    Taskbar Transizer is a great, free (gpl) program only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Desktop customization software.

  18. Appetizer
    • 3.8
    • (18 votes)

    An alternative Start menu for apps and files

    The standard Start menu in Windows XP is not the best app menu around. In fact, it tends to get so crowded it ends up being completely useless. Appetizer is...

  19. Create your own Windows Start menu

    8 start Launcher is an interesting tool that allows you to, in just a few minutes, develop your own menu with all the shortcuts essential for you....

  20. Ferrari Theme

    • 3.5
    • (158 votes)

    Show your support for the most popular F1 team

    Ferrari Theme will change your basic Windows XP theme into the familiar red, black and white colors of Ferrari.If you're a huge fan of Formula 1, you've...